When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Car?

When you catch the Subaru dealers in Frankfort at just the right time you stand to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars. It is known that buying a new car towards the end of the year will result in a good deal, it is at this time of year that the dealership are working hard to meet their annual sales targets. Although yearend purchases will yield savings, there is no hard and fast rule that this will result in the best price for every model; on top of that, not everyone has the luxury of waiting till year end. Wise car buyers can get good deals all year long by understanding how a car dealership operates.

You need to strike when the dealership is most anxious to close sales. New car sales execs work on commission, it might be a flat rate based on the model or it may be percentage. Every sales exec is given goals that he or she is expected to meet. Subaru dealers in Frankfort don’t wait until December to work on meeting their goals; they are working on them all day, every day; the objective is to turn lookers into buyers.

Timing is everything:

At the end of the business day people begin to head off home. A savvy new car sales exec will not let a customer that is showing serious interest get away just because the doors are about to be closed for the day. This is an ideal time for the buyer to strike a great deal. Often the new car dealer will make concessions just to accelerate the negotiations so everyone can leave.

The same concept can also work at the end of the month or the end of a quarter. Subaru dealers in Frankfurt normally operate on a monthly cycle and use the period to measure sales. If you are a serious buyer, dealing at the end of the month when the sales exec is just one or two units shy of hitting the target gives you the advantage.

Seasonal purchasing:

Next year models are normally introduced in the fall, this makes buying in late summer or early fall advantageous as the dealer is anxious to rid the lot of old inventory. Buying at the right time of year follows the same strategy as other techniques, buy when the Subaru dealers in Frankfort are most ready to negotiate. Shop for your new car when the demand for new cars is low, you will most certainly get a better deal than waiting until the dealer is closing sales at a good pace.

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