When Do You Require a Special Needs Trust?

Any type of inheritance law can be difficult to get your head around, but a special needs trust can be particularly difficult. Unfortunately, it leaves many families without the inheritance or finances they need. These are some of the situations that may require you to consult with a special needs trust attorney:

1. Medicaid

Friendshipcircle.org reports that many people on Medicaid or similar government programs can run into problems when they receive an inheritance or a change in their life or finances. The financial support they need could be cut off or delayed or their entire inheritance may be put towards their medical expenses with nothing left for other costs or to pass onto descendants. A special needs trust attorney is usually called in during such situations to sort out the legal issues and ensure everybody has the finances and medical coverage they need.

2. Eligibility

Special Needs Alliance says that it can also be difficult for people to figure out exactly what coverage they are eligible for, particularly if they are in an unexpected accident or have other mitigating circumstances. This is another situation where an attorney who knows the area well can assist and help people get the coverage they are eligible for.

3. Comfortable Living

It isn’t only medical expenses that a special needs trust can help with. They can also help make the person’s life more comfortable and allow them to continue with the hobbies, activities, and interests they enjoy. For instance, they can help provide audio books, music CD’s, hair styling, comfortable bedding, or home decoration that the person may not be able to pay for themself.

The law is complicated and ever changing, providing headaches for people with special needs and their families. If you are confused or find yourself in a bad situation, speak to a specialist attorney who can help you gain the financial freedom and healthcare coverage you need.


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