What to Look for in a Distribution Company

One of the most important relationships you have as a solution provider is the one established with your distribution company. When you find the right distribution company, you will not only be able to deliver the products you offer at a great price, but you will also be able to provide a number of other essential services in order to help and accelerate your entire business.

Distribution Services in the Past

Years ago, distributor’s worth was measured by the ability they had to pick, then pack and ship. Ensuring the right product shipped at the lowest price and to the right destination was the value that a distribution company had to offer. And the services they offered had to be delivered on a huge scale, on a daily basis, covering thousands of different SKUs. This was the primary responsibility of distribution companies, and the fact is that their responsibilities actually ended with those services. The work of a distribution company has definitely changed in the past few years.

Distribution Company Services Now

Times have changed. This means that solution providers are now looking to the distribution company they use as a partner in the business. While their ability to pick, pack and ship accurately is still essential, it has become a given that you will receive this type of value. It is the other services and the intangibles that will separate one distributor from the others. The key for your growth and success is to find the distribution company that is able to meet all of your needs.

Evaluating Various Distribution Companies

There are no two solution providers that are going to be created equally. Their technology focus, customer base, scale, services and skill set will all vary somewhat. This means that each solution provider will have a different need when it comes to the distribution partner they choose. Due to this uniqueness, the products depth is absolutely critical. It is essential that the distributor used has a vendor relationship that can carry the needed products. The price should not be the deciding factor, but rather the confidence to get the necessary product to the consumer’s door.

Choosing the right distribution company can actually make the difference in the success or the complete failure of your business or your organization. If you do not take the time to find one that is able to meet your unique product needs, you will likely lose money, customer trust and zeros on your bottom line. You should not leave this decision to chance. It is one that requires ample consideration and research to ensure that you get it right.

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