What is SEO and Why Should I Use It?

If you have ever used Google, you know that by entering specific terms into the search bar you can find what you need. That is exactly what SEO is – using words that people search for to help them find your business. However, some bad actors – also known as Black Hats – use misleading terms to bring people to content that they were not looking for and to manipulate search engine results. The practice of “keyword stuffing” is one way to feel Google’s mighty banhammer. Kansas City SEO experts know how to keep your site in Google’s good graces and drive relevant traffic at the same time.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Google has two massive search engines – the Google search bar that we all know and love – and YouTube. It might sound odd to refer to YouTube as a search engine, but right up at the top of the page is that search bar. Optimizing for search engines means that your local Kansas City SEO experts have placed terms in the metadata* of your website to drive organic traffic from search engine results. But SEO is more than words under the meta-tag and depends on many different factors, such as content, site architecture, HTML code, link building, social media, trust, authority, and identity.

Work with White Hats!

If that sounds complicated, and maybe not something that you can do yourself, then retaining expert help for SEO is critical to growing your traffic. Work with professionals in your local area who are noted for aboveboard practices and professionalism. A Google ban can adversely affect search engine ranking and website traffic for months after the site has been brought into compliance. Be proactive with your SEO and watch your organic traffic grow.

*metadata is data that describes other data


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