What Hammertoes Treatments in Joliet, IL Are Available?

Hammertoes are caused by muscle imbalances between the tendons in the feet. When the tendons on the top and bottom are not even, it can cause the toe to become inflexible. Rigid hammertoes cannot be straightened via manual manipulation. They cause discomfort while walking or wearing shoes. Unfortunately, this deformity can only get worse over time if it is not treated, and recurring corns and calluses are a frequently noted result. Even hammertoes that start out being flexible can become more rigid and difficult to manage if left untreated.

Hammertoes Treatments in Joliet IL generally fall under one of three categories: preventative, symptomatic, or curative. Preventative treatments are designed to address the root cause of the problem. Functional orthotics can be used to correct the abnormal foot function that causes the muscles to become imbalanced. Their use can slow down the progression of the deformity or even stop it completely. Stretching exercises, particularly those designed to stretch the patient’s calf, can also help to correct the underlying muscle imbalance.

Symptomatic Hammertoes Treatments in Joliet IL help to alleviate the symptoms of flexible or rigid hammertoes, particularly the often painful calluses they cause. Although over-the-counter medications exist for the treatment and removal of corns, they should only be used with extreme caution. Patients who also suffer from poor circulation or diabetes should abstain from using any products not prescribed by a doctor. Browse website to know more.

The effectiveness of curative treatments is strongly dependent on how severe the deformity already is and whether it is rigid or flexible. A flexible hammertoe can be treated with a simple tendon release. However, surgical treatments for rigid hammertoes are more complex and less consistently successful. This procedure involves the removal of skin that has been damaged by corns and a small section of the patient’s bone near the rigid joint. A pin will sometimes be placed to hold the toe in the correct position or the bones may be fused together. Recovery time for this type of surgery is significantly longer.

Patients should consult a specialist to find out which Hammertoes Treatments will be most effective for their unique situation. Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL to request an appointment today.


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