What Drivers Need to Know About Car Insurance in South Austin TX

Austin is still growing quickly, and that means local roads and highways are often packed with traffic. While accident rates are not overwhelmingly high compared to national averages, there is no denying that the need to rely upon insurance is not uncommon.

With much of the city’s recent growth taking place on the south side, residents living there should be especially well attuned to this reality. Obtaining Car Insurance in South Austin TX from an expert like Patrick Court at State Farm should never be overly difficult or expensive.

Carrying Car Insurance is a Legally Mandated Duty and a Personal Responsibility

As with every other state save New Hampshire, Texas requires that drivers maintain auto insurance that meets certain legally prescribed limits. In particular, drivers must carry insurance that provides certain levels of coverage with regard to:

    • Personal injury liability.
    • Modern cars and trucks are far safer than those of the past, but accidents still regularly cause injuries and worse. Even when two especially expensive vehicles are involved in a collision, the tab to pay for medical care required by the victims will often be far higher than that associated with repairs. At the moment, drivers in Austin and Texas in general must carry personal injury liability coverage of at least $60,000 per incident.
    • Property damage liability.
    • Even when all involved escape an accident without injury, it can still cost a great deal to repair the affected vehicles. Some accidents also result in damage to property of other kinds, as when a collision sends one vehicle crashing into a place of business or even a home. Drivers in Texas are required to maintain property damage liability coverage of at least $25,000 at all times.


Experts are Ready to Help

In practice, many will be well served to carry other types of Car Insurance in South Austin TX, as well. Fortunately, experienced, dedicated insurance agents in the area are always ready to help their clients understand their options and the value of each. While it will always be better not to need to make use of the coverage that insurance provides, having enough protection in place can make the unexpected a lot easier to manage.


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