What Does A Family Lawyer In Gig Harbor, WA Do?

In Washington, the family court provides assistance for couples, families, and children. Attorneys who practice in the field help clients with divorces, child custody, guardianships, and protection orders. A local Family Lawyer in Gig Harbor Wa can provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of families.

Assist With Divorces

Divorce cases require the parties to agree to the terms of the divorce agreement. The terms determine why the marriage ended, how assets are divided, and all responsibilities of each party. The agreement also defines if either spouse receives alimony, how much, and for how long. The attorney assists the client and tries to prevent a divorce trial whenever possible.

Child Support and Custody

Child custody assignments determine which parent has the most rights. Shared custody allows both parents to make decisions about the child. Typically, the custodial parent has the child during the week, and the noncustodial parent has the child on alternating weekends. The noncustodial parent pays child support based on the parent’s income and the total number of children.

Sole custody assignments limit decisions to the custodial parent only. In most cases, the noncustodial parent receives supervised visitation. The assignments indicate that the parent is a risk to the child.

Acquiring a Guardianship

A guardianship is provided for individuals who aren’t the biological parent in most cases. The assignment is provided for minors who are at risk. The prospective guardian petitions the court and provides evidence of the judge. The same process is necessary when a debilitated senior needs protection for unethical caregivers or family members.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

When domestic violence has occurred, the victim needs a protection order. When the victim is a spouse or child, the family court provides the protection order to prevent further attacks. The order is expended in a divorce case if a risk to still present.

In Washington, the family court manages a variety of circumstances that apply to divorces, children, and preventing domestic violence. Attorneys who practice in the field help families manage the circumstances and minimize serious issues. Families that need help contact a Family Lawyer in Gig Harbor WA right now.


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