What Can Be Done When Paternity Questions Arise?

The birth of a baby is supposed to be a joyous event that is celebrated. Unfortunately, births can often bring on doubts and unanswered questions. When a man is not sure whether or not he is the father of a baby, it can cause him to feel detached and even trapped. With the latest advances in technology, men can find out the results of a paternity test faster than ever before. Those who question whether or not they are a child’s father have the right to pursue testing and get the help they need by hiring a lawyer.

Establishing paternity works in different ways. When a couple is married, children born during the marriage are considered to be children of the husband unless testing reveals otherwise. If a man signs an affidavit acknowledging being the father of the child, this legally binds him to his decision for life, even if he later learns he is not the biological father. Men need to be careful in consenting unless they are 100% sure they are the father since this could lock them into being required to pay child support for up to twenty years.

When the putative father denies he is the father of a child or is concerned he may not be, DNA testing can be ordered. This test takes a swab from the putative father and the child to determine the probability of whether or not the man is the father. If the man is excluded, there is no way he could be the father. If he is found to match the DNA, the test will reveal the probability of him being the biological father of the child. If a test comes back with a 95% or higher, the man is legally considered the father.

Those who are wondering whether or not they are the father of a child need to be proactive and learn about their rights for pursuing DNA testing. This is no reason to continue to wonder when testing can reveal the truth. If you are in need of legal help, trust in our experience. Rohetwyman will be happy to help those who want to pursue testing so they can find out whether or not they are the father of a child.


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