What Are The Advantages Of Clear Aligners In Indianapolis, IN?

In Indiana, dental patients with alignment issues want a better solution. Previously, the only type of braces that were available where metal or ceramic options that are installed permanently. For some patients, these installations were a serious nuisance. The following is information about the advantages of choosing Clear Aligners in Indianapolis IN.

Less Visibility of the Braces

Invisalign is available to patients with mild to moderate alignment issues. The braces are created with a flexible acrylic. They are clear and aren’t seen as easily as more traditional options. The patient can wear them without feeling self-conscious about their smile. They won’t become embarrassed or experience bullying for other children.

Completely Removable Braces

The Invisalign system enables patients to remove the braces completely. They are created in the same manner as a mouthguard. They just slide into the mouth and mold to the teeth. The patients can remove them to brush their teeth and to eat. This eliminates common nuisances that patients experience with metal or ceramic braces. They can also take them out for a while if their mouth starts to hurt.

No Wires or Brackets

These braces don’t require wires or brackets to install them. It is these parts that often lead to irritation of the gums and minor abrasions. Also, the wires and brackets pull the teeth back into alignment at a strong level. This can create unwanted pain for the patient. This is why Invisalign is the better option.

No Tooth Damage at the End

When the patient reaches the end of the program, they won’t develop any damage on their teeth. For some patients, the brackets used for metal braces can leave behind discoloration. This is also attributed to the adhesive used to secure the brackets. This means that the teeth will more aesthetically pleasing in the end.

In Indiana, dental patients can acquire better alignment solutions instead of tradition options. If their teeth aren’t severely crooked, they can acquire Invisalign braces. These braces don’t require permanent installations. Patients that want to acquire clear aligners in Indianapolis IN can contact Moore Dentistry Inc. to schedule an appointment right now.


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