Ways to Make your Car Look New Again

While getting a used car can save you a lot of money, it can also be a bit of a drag and cause problems in the long run. But with a little bit of tender loving care, and some changes like custom wheels in Oklahoma City, even an old car can look new again.

Customize the Outside

Not only can a fresh coat of paint give a new spark of life and personality to a used car, but upgrading and repairing the exterior of a car can be an excellent opportunity to check for any dents, rust holes, or damage from harsh road salts and other hazards. This is especially important when buying a car from an independent seller or a family member instead of going through a dealership. However, don’t feel limited to only changing or upgrading the shell of the car. Some mechanics in Oklahoma City can offer you a new or custom wheel set to bring either a subtle or a drastic change to the car’s appearance, depending on how eye catching you want to go.

Revive the Inside

The interior of your car is just as important, as you’ll likely be spending hours and hours each week inside of it. A deep cleaning or reupholstering of the seats is an excellent starting point, especially if the smell of old cigarette smoke, water damage, or fast food is making you feel sick. Swapping out or repairing an old radio for something with digital or Bluetooth capabilities can help a long commute seem much shorter. For those who really want to feel in tune with the road, swapping out your old steering wheel or pedals for classy or sporty versions can work wonders.

Small Details Add Up

If your budget won’t allow for any drastic changes to your new old car, little details can help make someone else’s vehicle feel like your own. Bumper stickers or window decals are a simple touch that can add a touch of personality, and seat or steering wheel covers may boost the comfort factor as well and can be easily replaced when worn out.


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