Warehousing Fulfillment Distribution Solutions Include LED Lighting

When you run a large warehouse facility, lighting is one of your biggest expenses each month. In fact, if you still use old fashion incandescent or outdated fluorescent fixtures, you are spending far too much money on utilities. Changing over to LED is one of the best investments you can make, and when you go with a company offering warehousing fulfillment distribution solutions, LED lighting is one of their specialties. Here are some important reasons to choose LED for your business today.

Why LED?

LED lighting is the most efficient kind of light you can use. In fact, LED bulbs can give you 100 watts of lighting power and yet burn less than 14 watts of power. That is a huge saving over standard light. However, some companies offering warehousing fulfillment distribution solutions recommend HID lighting because it is very efficient. Yet LED has several benefits over HID.

What is HID?

High-intensity discharge lighting passes electricity between lighting electrodes in an ionized gas. Some lights use mercury while others use sodium or metal halide. They are brighter than halogen lights and more efficient. However, like florescent lights, they need ballasts.

LED is more efficient and lasts longer than HID lights. LED is also more durable because there is no electrode or filament which can get damaged.

Why Not Fluorescent?

Not long ago, fluorescent light was the standard for warehouses, and many still use high-efficient fluorescent lighting. However, LED offers greater efficiency, brighter lighting, and more dependable light for palletizers and conveyors.

Retrofit or New Installation

Thanks to modern I-beam type LED lights; there’s no need to go through all the trouble of retrofitting your lights. In fact, these modern LED systems can pay for themselves in as little as 24 months time. Talk to a trusted 3PL service offering warehousing fulfillment distribution solutions for more information. They offer complete services for your business.

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