Using a Local Independent Insurance Agent

When looking for auto, home, life, or health insurance don’t forget to contact a local independent insurance agent in Decatur, GA for a quote. Local independent agents represent several insurance agencies. They have the ability to shop around and get you the best insurance rate will all the insurance agencies they represent.

Local independent insurance agents in Decatur, GA typically do not advertise nationally. They are local to your community and provide a more customized service for their clients. They are paid by commission, so it is in their best interest to treat clients well and get them the best value for their money.

Independent agents are different than exclusive agents that work for a single insurance company such as Allstate or State Farm. These agents can only provide quotes and pricing from the one insurance company.

So why choose a local independent agent?

It is usually easier to reach an independent agent than it is to reach an exclusive agent. They also provide better customer service and will help their clients in the event you need to report a claim.

Independent agents will also compare prices with several insurance companies to ensure you get the best price for your coverage limits. If your insurance increases when it is time to renew, independent agents can re-shop with the other insurance companies to get you the best deal. An exclusive agent does not have this option.

Many independent agents are involved in community activities. Because they are a local business, they tend to give back to the community through local charity donations, volunteering, and serving as board members for organizations.

You have a choice when shopping for insurance. Local independent insurance agents in Decatur, GA can help you get the best price for your insurance needs.


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