Understanding Why Prompt Pool Repair in League City Is Important for Fixing Leaks

Leaks in an in-ground pool are more than just an inconvenience. They can cost the owner a substantial amount of money if not addressed promptly by a company providing Pool Repair in League City. Leaks can lead to a big spike in the person’s water bill, and there also is the extra cost for adding more products to keep the proper chemical balance in the water.

The Mysterious Leak

People who don’t work on swimming pools in a professional capacity are likely to find a pool leak to be mysterious. It can be very difficult to figure out where the problem is. Often, the pool owner assumes that the slightly lower level of water is due to evaporation until the water bill arrives.

A Leak’s Potential Hiding Places

Looking out over the entire structure, the possibility of finding a tiny leak seems insurmountable. After all, the problem could be in any number of places, such as a skimmer, pump, return line, filter or drain. It could be due to a hairline crack somewhere in the structure. Pool accessories also can develop leaks. The problem might be in a fountain, waterfall or slide.

Prompt Repair Is Important

Having the issue resolved as soon as possible is essential, as continued leaking can damage equipment. Pool owners may not understand why this would be the case, but they must consider that various components in the pool must work harder and more frequently to keep the structure supplied with water. If the water isn’t soft enough, hard minerals like calcium and magnesium can begin to build up on the devices and cause early failure. Pumps and motors also can start to corrode if the pH level is not at an optimum number.

Get Started

Property owners may fear that Pool Repair in League City will require draining the pool, but this is usually not the case. Even if the flaw is in the main drain or involves a crack on the floor, technicians often can find and fix it with the water still in the pool. Contact Cryer Pools & Spas Inc to get started on that repair job.


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