Understanding the Pneumatic Pilot Valve

Today, there are various types of valves available to handle just about any task. Yet, for companies building products and solutions, or replacing nonworking components, it is essential to understand the importance of an exact match. A small difference in one product or the next can render a piece of equipment useless. One type of valve requiring this level of precision is the pneumatic pilot valve. It is important to choose a supplier or a manufacturer capable of ensuring a very specific and very precision finished product if you need this type of valve for any application you may have.

What Does It Do?

Though it can seem complex, a pneumatic pilot valve functions in a very simple form. In short, a pilot valve is often a small type of valve. It works to control a limited flow of production through a control feed into a separate piloted valve. These handle very important features and applications such as emergency controls and safety controls. As a result, they are nearly always human operated (rather than automatic or controlled by the equipment).

Do You Need a Replacement or a New Product?

If you need to have this type of valve designed or made available to you, there are some solutions available. Some products are available off the shelf. However, because of the very important job these valves do, it is nearly always important to ensure you get a precise and very specific design and size. This is why many will need to have these custom made.

For those who need a custom pneumatic pilot valve created, there are some specialized manufacturers capable of helping. They can learn what the need is, gather key information, and produce the necessary solution within a short period of time. This can get you back in business fast.


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