Top Emergency Auto Accessories for Royal Oak Drivers

If you drive in the Detroit area, you could occasionally run into trouble along the road. When problems occur, some handy auto accessories can make things easier and perhaps even save your life. Let’s look at some of the best things to buy for your car in Royal Oak, to provide solutions to many of today’s automotive problems.

Tow strap

You never know when your car is going to get stuck. This is especially true during the unpredictable Michigan winters. A sudden snow storm could leave you stranded and it could take hours to get a tow truck. If you have a good tow strap on hand, you may be able to find someone with a pickup or SUV to pull you out.

Jumper Cables

Batteries last for many years, but they can suddenly die and no longer work again. In fact, you can never be sure when this might happen. A set of heavy duty jumper cables will be there to save the day when you need them. In fact, it may be one of the most important auto accessories to own in Royal Oak today.

Flat Repair in a Can

There may come a time when you notice a flat or very low tire on your car. This is why you should think about keeping a can of flat repair in your trunk at all times. It will save you all the trouble or putting on a spare. And who wants to drive very long on one of those “donut” tires? Temporary flat repair can get you to the tire shop so your tire can be properly repaired without damage.

Emergency Lighting

You probably have a flashlight but it may not be in your car. Consider getting a flashlight just for the car and keep it in the glove box with a first aid kit. This can help you with a number of nighttime automotive problems. In addition, your car might be stranded alongside the road and the battery may not work. It’s a good idea to have some signal flares or an emergency light with a flasher on hand. This can keep other cars from running into you and causing serious injury.

Extra Windshield Scrapers

How many times have you scraped ice off a window and the scraper broke? It’s always best to have a spare or two on hand. Make sure to buy a heavy duty scraper so you are less likely to break it while scraping.

These auto accessories in Royal Oak will not cost you a lot of money. They can help you through some of life’s most difficult times but you must think ahead and have them in your car.


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