Tips For Purchasing Automotive Parts In Minnesota

The simplest way to buy Automotive Parts in Minnesota is to pay a mechanic, who will order the part from a dealer. The mark-up on replacement parts can be up to 5,000%, a statistic which might shock a lot of consumers. However, it’s possible to save a lot of money on car parts by following a few tips from expert buyers.

First of all, use websites like eBay and other sites that deal in auto parts as a form of research. These sites make it possible to search for items close to the buyer’s residence, for example and compare prices on the product and on shipping. However, most experts recommend steering clear of Craigslist and dealing instead with reviewed sellers who will be more likely to return or replace a defective part.

Expert buyers know how to haggle, but newbies should be very cautious. It’s important to be well aware of the value of the part to be purchased and what price it’s selling for elsewhere. If a customer approaches a parts dealer with a wildly unrealistic counter-offer, the dealer may not be willing to help him or her in the future.

If websites don’t lead to the part a customer is searching for; the next step is to visit a junk yard. A junk yard is often the cheapest source for used parts if they have the make and model of the car the parts are made for on the lot. Most junk yards will be able to confirm availability and even quote a price over the phone. The buyer should be aware, however, that he or she is responsible for actually getting the part out of the car. It’s important to bring tools and probably a helper on a junk yard expedition.

Buyers who are skilled mechanics often purchase used cars just for the spare parts. It’s possible to find very cheap used cars from private sellers and at auctions. Auto auctions cost a little more than private purchases because many auctions require the use of a broker to purchase the vehicle. Even so, most people find that buying a car for parts is a good bargain.

Auto parts customers who are not mechanics, however, will be better served by a wholesale parts dealer. For one reputable source of Automotive Parts in Minnesota, check out


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