Tips For Hiring A Tampa Business Litigation Attorney

As a Tampa business owner, the last thing you want to have to deal with is litigation. However, it is very common for a business to have to deal with these types of situations. Hiring a business litigation attorney is the only way to make the process easier.

Getting the right business litigation lawyer will be a very important step in the process. To ensure your business interests are represented by a top attorney, there are four areas you need to research about each professional you are considering.


Experience specifically in business litigation is critical to your company. This is a specialized area of the law and hiring an attorney with real-world cases and a proven track record in winning is essential.

Ask about experience, including how many cases have actually gone to court. While your case may settle in mediation or arbitration, knowing your attorney is able to go to court will provide peace of mind.

Case Evaluation

The business litigation attorney you choose should be able to listen to information about your case and provide an informed case evaluation. This will indicate the areas of strength and weakness in the case and a general outline of how the attorney sees the case unfolding.

Fees and Costs

In Tampa, as in any area of the country, you will find there are differences in fees and costs from any law firm or attorney. An experienced, ethical and professional lawyer in this area will be able to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of his or her services. This will include settling out of court or going through litigation, which will be two different prices.

Type of Firm

Additionally, think about the size of the firm. A smaller firm with a business litigation attorney will provide a more personalized approach to working with clients whereas a large firm with dozens of attorneys may be much more impersonal and more based on volume of representation.

Either option may be a good match for your needs. Just remember, the attorney selected will be someone you work with for months to come, so choose someone you trust and who is a good communicator.


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