Tips for Finding a Great Tax Preparer in Brooklyn

Did you know the IRS is not obligated to inform you about changes in tax laws? Also, if you overpay on your taxes, they are not always required to refund the extra? This is scary, especially since these facts come from an organization that has the power to audit, fine, and even foreclose upon a homeowner or business. When dealing with the IRS, taxpayers need help. When problems arise, it is time to look for a Tax Preparer in Brooklyn. Below is a list of what the best tax preparation and representation firms can do for their clients.

  1. The best full-service firms support clients in many ways. First, they prepare tax documents for their clients, then submit them to the IRS. The understand how important accuracy is, and what mistakes on forms can trigger an IRS audit.

  2. They have a deep knowledge and mastery of tax law. This not only means they can defend their clients’ rights. It also means they can find the most lucrative deductions for each client, ensuring the largest possible return.

  3. The will have full knowledge of both federal and state tax requirements.

  4. They also offer a full range of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services for clients.

  5. When IRS problems happen, they are their clients’ advocates. Experts called, “Enrolled Agents” are federally-licensed tax experts who have the unlimited right to represent their clients before the IRS.

  6. In the case of an audit or the demand for back taxes, Enrolled Agents are there to go to bat for their clients by mediating the best possible outcome for both parties. They can often get a tax bill reduced or delayed. They can help schedule or reschedule viable payment plans. They are also trained to pick up any errors the IRS has made in the course of an audit or investigation, and make sure the taxpayer’s rights are maintained.

By going to any number of tax preparer websites and selecting “click here for more info,” clients can begin their search for a tax advocate. When looking for a Tax Preparer in Brooklyn, clients should seek out the most accurate, most celebrated, and fiercest defender of taxpayers’ rights.


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