Tips for Choosing Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin

A trailer jack plays an important role for anyone who regularly tows large items, such as trailers, RVs, or boats. It helps get the trailer to the right level to easily connect it to the trailer hitch for towing and also makes it easy to keep the trailer level and stable when it’s not connected to the hitch so it’s easier to load and unload. Taking a few things into consideration will make it easier to choose between the available Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin.

Height of the Trailer Tongue

Trailers can have tongues of various heights. Before purchasing Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin, it’s important to measure the height of the tongue on the trailer you plan to connect to the hitch. You’ll want a jack that can go at least four inches above this height so it will be able to bring the coupler over the ball when attaching and detaching the trailer.

Retracted and Extended Heights

The extended height isn’t the only height to take into consideration. The retracted height of the jack needs to be short enough that it will be clear of the ground once the trailer is attached and you’re traveling.

Weight of the Trailer Tongue

Besides the height of the trailer, it’s also important to know the weight that the coupler is going to exert on the trailer hitch ball, which is called the trailer tongue weight and is usually somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of the total weight of the trailer when it’s loaded. The chosen trailer jack should be able to handle at least this weight or more. Trailer jacks typically can handle anywhere from 800 to 1,600 pounds.

Bolt On or Weld On Jacks

Another consideration is whether the jack should be bolted on or welded to the trailer, boat, or RV that is going to be hauled. It isn’t a good idea to weld a jack yourself. This is best left to an experienced professional. With a jack that bolts on, check the mount to make sure it’s suitable for the trailer frame in question.

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