Three Tips to Prepare for Installing an Above-Ground Pool in Baltimore, MD

Having a pool in your backyard is not only a great way to cool off on hot summer days but it provides a nice place for outdoor entertainment. However, in-ground pools are very expensive to install and maintain. An above-ground pool is much less expensive and you can use these tips for preparing your yard for its installation.

Check Building Codes

When looking for the best spot in your yard for the pool, you will need to find out where the water and sewer lines are located, if there will be electrical lines nearby, or if structures like a shed or garage will be in the way. Also, research building codes about rules regarding installing an above-ground pool in Baltimore, MD. The codes are a good way to find out if there are restrictions on where pools can be in yards.

Mark Pool Area

When you determine where the pool should go, mark the perimeter so that the company installing an above-ground pool knows exactly where to put it. Begin preparing the ground by removing all the sod and vegetation around and within the pool’s perimeter. Use a shovel or sod remover, depending on how large the pool area is, to get rid of anything that is growing on the spot and make sure to level the area.

Don’t Rush Prep

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the ground for a pool installation in Glen Burnie, MD. The ground should be as level as possible so carefully research how to level ground if there is a slight slope to it. A pool that isn’t level can cause structural issues and eventually stretch the pool or cause it to collapse.

After removing the sod and vegetation and then leveling the ground, add sand that has been ground to create a soft surface before installing an above-ground pool in your yard.


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