Three Common Issues That Require Air Conditioning Repair In Centreville VA

Many families rely on their air conditioning systems to keep them comfortable in the warmer months of the year. When the air conditioner isn’t working properly to cool the home, it doesn’t take long before the house begins warming up. When you contact a company that specializes in Air conditioning repair in Centreville VA, the technician can have your unit working as quickly as possible. Below you’ll learn about some of the most common problems that occur to cause the air conditioning system to malfunction.

Unit Not Cooling

When the air conditioner runs but the air that comes out of the unit isn’t cool, the unit needs to be cleaned. Before contacting a technician, homeowners can change the air filter to see if this solves the problem. When the air filter isn’t regularly changed, it gets clogged up with dirt and dust and decreases the amount of air that flows out of the unit. If the unit still isn’t cooling after changing the filter, a technician will have to clean the outside unit. To clean the air conditioner, the technician will remove the metal grill on the top of the system and clean the fan blades, evaporator coils and condenser.

Unit Is Noisy

If the air conditioner suddenly emits a squealing noise, a technician will need to inspect the fan belt and the bearings. This noise will occur when the bearings run dry and a technician will need to lubricate the bearings. The air conditioner will also make a loud sound when the fan belt is worn or if it’s not in the correct position. After examining the belt and its location, the technician can replace it or slip it back into place.

Unit Is Leaking Water

When the air conditioner leaks water, a technician who specializes in Air conditioning repair in Centreville VA will inspect the drain and drain lines for a blockage. If the drain lines are clogged, the technician will unclog the lines and clean out the drain to stop the unit from leaking water.

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