The Use Of Lighting For Commercial Landscaping Safety

All commercial property owners understand the potential issues associated with liability. Any property that is not properly maintained, or is not safe, can result in a personal injury lawsuit. Many of these lawsuits are substantial, particularly if there is a serious injury due to an accident or a slip or fall event.

One way to limit liability on a commercial property is to ensure the correct outdoor lighting is in place. Commercial landscaping safety starts with having lighting around walkways, paths, perimeter areas and around parking lots or other specific areas used on the property. If there is a chance the area could be used after sundown and before the sun rises, adding lights is a simple way to avoid many commonly occurring safety issues.

Lighting is only one aspect of commercial landscaping safety, but it is a critical factor. If pathways, driveways and other traffic areas are correctly illuminated, it is possible to avoid liability suits if other aspects of the property are also maintained. Keep in mind, the individuals using walkways, driveways, paths or outdoor areas on the property also have a duty to be observant and to avoid dangerous situations, and lighting will certainly help with visibility.

Lighting Walkways

Lighting the walkways serves two purposes. First, it adds to commercial landscaping safety by making the path visible in the dusk to dawn hours. It is also a way to make the landscaping more welcoming and giving it an aesthetically pleasing look from the building.

Hotels, resorts, community property, hospitals, campuses and any commercial property where employees or visitors may be walking at night should have all pathways adequately illuminated.

Keeping the Area Secure

Lighting also adds to the security of the property. Lighting pathways, sidewalks, parking areas and any outdoor seating areas on the property helps to deter criminal activity and also provide greater security for guests, visitors or employees using those locations.


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