The Unique Role Of An Immigration Lawyer

When compared to lawyers that deal with civil and criminal issues, the typical immigration lawyer plays a unique roll. An immigration lawyer in Chicago focuses his or her attention on clients who have incurred difficulties dealing with US immigration authorities or requirements. Immigration lawyers provide guidance and advice to clients that are involved in immigration issues such as visa applications, issuance of a green card, attaining citizenship as well as deportation.

When it becomes necessary to hire an immigration lawyer:

Many clients of an immigration lawyer in Chicago need assistance is preparing and submitting some type of immigration document such as an application for a visa. As the US immigration law is so complex, many people are simply unable to fully understand the requirements so they understandably turn to someone who does.

There are instances where it is necessary to hire a seasoned immigration lawyer, they include:

   *   Prior applications were denied: An immigration lawyer can determine the reason that a previous application was not approved and the lawyer can determine if an appeal or re-application is possible.

   *   Previous deportation or exclusion from entry: In many cases deportation or exclusion are permanent, the individual can no longer enter the US. An immigration attorney knows the effects of these acts and can provide guidance.

   *   Unreasonably long wait: Although dealing with the US immigration authorities is time consuming an immigration lawyer in Chicago knows what waiting times to expect. The lawyer can often expedite the processing of information.

   *   Employer not assisting with processing employment based visa: The prospective employer of a foreign national must be involved in the processing of the visa application; immigration lawyers can work with the employer, ensuring they fulfill all their obligations.

There are numerous other situations that require the assistance of an immigration lawyer, including those times when the applicant simply doesn’t know what to do next.

To help prevent delays it is often a wise move to work with an immigration lawyer in Chicago right from the outset of any immigration process. You are invited to discuss your particular situation with Din Law. We are also on facebook.


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