The Pneumatic Shuttle Valve and its Many Benefits

If you run a manufacturing or processing business, you may operate a wide variety of production systems. Some require hydraulics while others are better served with compressed air components. However, in some cases, pneumatic shuttle valve applications are the best choice. Let’s take a look at these valves to discover their uses and benefits, and some reasons why you may want to consider them for your facility.

What Are Shuttle Valves?

To shuttle means to shift or travel back and forth. Just like an airport shuttle takes to you from one part of the airport and back, a pneumatic shuttle valve gives you more than one source for air pressure. These valves are also known as double-check valves. They are most commonly used in air pressure applications although they are sometimes used in hydraulic systems.

A typical double-check valve uses a ball located inside a housing, and there are two inlet ports and one outlet port. To give you a better idea of how the valve works, imagine a short pipe that’s open on both ends and has an opening in the middle. When air enters the inlet end, it pushes the ball back, blocking the middle hole but allowing air to pass through to the outlet end. If air enters the middle port, it forces the ball back to the end, blocking the outlet port and letting the inlet port receive the air pressure.

Pneumatic Shuttle Valve Benefits

Double check valves can give you more than one safety switch on a system. This is important for facilities with heavy machinery and cutting equipment. They are also used in air pilot applications.

When you choose a pneumatic shuttle valve source, look for a manufacturer offering custom solutions for your needs. This will give you the best service and most affordable parts.


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