The Operation of Your Ansul System in Illinois

If you work in an environment that uses ANSUL systems and products, you understand the effective nature of these fire quenching solutions. However, if you are unfamiliar with these systems, you may want to learn about the operation and benefits of an ANSUL system? This type of system incorporates a high-tech method of suppressing fires. Let’s look at how these systems function below.

How Does It Function?
ANSUL systems remove one of the most important elements of fire that must be present in order for it to burn. There are three elements of fire must have in order to sustain itself and spread. These are fuel, oxygen, and heat. An ANSUL system attacks the second element mentioned – oxygen. A fire is fed by oxygen which helps it to spread. This system, however, replaces the oxygen of the fire and knocks down the temperature of the fuel feeding the fire. The suppressing material commonly used in this process is carbon dioxide.

There are various components to these systems, including fire and heat detectors, and an alarm system. It is crucial to alert occupants of the building when a fire emergency is in process. These ANSUL systems also make use of a fluid automatic release apparatus that dispenses chemicals to suppress the fire before it can grow larger, inflict injury, death, or damage to the buildings structure and other features.

Type of Ansul Systems
Class F ANSUL systems are used commonly in commercial kitchens – they dispense fire suppressing chemicals at items affected by a Class F fire such as stoves and fry baskets. Other types of small businesses not having particularly high combustible materials can make use of ANSUL systems that can defeat other types of fires. A portable fire extinguisher is a very basic type of ANSUL system. Fire trucks and firefighters who handle large conflagrations often make use of larger scale ANSUL systems.

Preparation for a Potential Fire
Employees within a facility must be prepared for the potential of a blazing conflagration. It is necessary to prepare and plan in advance in the workplace environment and anywhere for that matter in order to maximize the protection of human life and property.

For additional information and insight concerning the operation benefits of ANSUL systems, contact a reputable fire equipment company today.


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