The many benefits of air hand dryers

How people dry their hands after using a public washroom is something that does not take much of a busy executive’s time. It should though as there are numerous feature’s that benefit not only the users but also the company’s bottom line. There is absolutely no disputing the fact that an air hand dryer saves money and pay themselves quickly. With an average life expectancy of 8 to 10 years the savings realized due to not having to purchase paper towels can run into the thousands of dollars.

The misconceptions associated with air hand dryers:

There is a misconception about air hand dryers; they are perceived to be too noisy and people think they take too long to do their job. Neither of these issues is true; the introduction of new technology has brought the drying time down to just a few seconds and it does it quieter.


Another misconception about an air hand dryer is durability and reliability. Once again, there is no truth to this, the average life of an air hand dryer is from 8 to 10 years and they rarely fail.


The argument that is most debated is hygiene. The companies that produce paper towels have funded numerous studies which, when looked at in detail are quite biased as they compare hand dryers that were manufactured years ago against their paper products. Paper towels can’t evolve but air hand dryers most certainly can, and have. The technology that is used in the production of modern hand dryers is far superior to that used years ago. No touch models fitted with HEPA filters means that the user dries his or her hands with air that is cleaner than that in the washroom itself.

It is not difficult to point out the inconsistencies of the paper towel industries arguments. A modern air hand dryer is quiet, dries fast, lasts for years and is more hygienic than the paper towel alternative; plus, air hand dryers are environmentally friendly as they produce no waste.


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