The Importance Of Dentistry For Every Age Group

Dentistry is very important for people of any age group and individuals should be consistent when scheduling dental appointments. Although individuals will have specific oral issues throughout the various stages of their life, annual cleanings and exams are vital for everyone. Read the information below to learn about the various types of oral problems that commonly affect individuals of every age and how a dentist can help.

Children and Teenagers

Tooth decay can occur in individuals at any time in their life, but cavities are more prevalent in young children, especially if they don’t exercise good brushing habits. Dentists often brush sealants on the molars of young children to help keep cavities from forming. During the teen years, when the permanent teeth have erupted, dentists often suggest braces for those who have alignment issues. In addition to straightening crooked teeth, braces can also aid in chewing, which leads to better nutrition.

Young Adults and Adults

By age 22, young adults should have their wisdom teeth and many individuals have them extracted because they’re painful. Mature adults are often diagnosed with gum disease and if it’s not treated in a timely manner, it can turn into periodontal disease. This disease causes bleeding, swelling and soreness of the gums and it can eventually lead to tooth loss. Many adults, who want to enhance the appearance of their teeth, will choose to have cosmetic Dentistry procedures. These may include veneers, crowns and professional teeth whitening.

Senior Adults

As individuals reach their senior years, some of their teeth may become loose and they have to get them extracted. When older adults have several missing teeth, they have problems eating many different foods and they don’t get all the nutrients their body needs. Many individuals in this age group choose to get full or partial dentures so they can chew and to improve their appearance. Instead of dentures, some individuals prefer dental implants to permanently replace their missing teeth.

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