The Compensation You Need: How an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Tucson Can Help

Most automobile accidents in the United States are not severe crashes with explosions and cars rolling end over end down steep embankments the way movies portray. The majority are minor incidents. They typically involve a few dents, and both vehicles are able to be driven away. The problem is that even a small accident can lead to injuries, and some will not even be apparent until hours or days following the event.

The most common injuries seen today are whiplash and scrapes and cuts. There are also many head and chest injuries, even when everyone is wearing a seatbelt. Many of these types of incidents can be very uncomfortable, lead to loss of work, and result in significant medical bills.

In addition to the expenses incurred from these injuries, there are also the costs of repairing the vehicle involved. A “fender-bender” is not the simple accident it may seem when drivers realize that, nationally, the repair bill following these incidents ranges from approximately $1,200 to often as much as $6,000 depending on what the vehicle is and where it was hit. This is only for the repairs and does not include towing and rental vehicles.

It is obvious that once someone begins to see their bills flooding in, something needs to be done. In many instances, that means finding an automobile accident lawyer in Tucson. It may seem extreme, but very few people and even fewer insurance companies want to admit when they are responsible for something. When they will not freely admit guilt, convincing them to pay the bills they are responsible for is impossible. This will require legal representation to ensure that each person is able to get the justice they deserve under the law.

There is no reason to struggle to pay the bills on an accident you did not cause. Why make yourself and your family suffer because someone else was distracted, careless or unqualified to be on the road. Contact Price and Price Law. They can provide you with an automobile accident lawyer in Tucson who can work with the opposing insurance company or take the matter to court to get the compensation you are entitled to.

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