The Basics of Labour Employment Law in Northampton MA

Labour Employment Law Northampton MA is a relatively broad area of law with a focus on protecting workers’ rights and addressing concerns involving companies, employees, unions and the government. Common issues seen by labor lawyers include union contract and collective bargaining disputes. Below is a brief explanation of labor law enforcement, reporting, and practices.

Who Enforces and Regulates Labor Laws?

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) ensures that union employees’ rights are protected. The federally initiated Act created a labor relations board to enforce the NLRA’s provisions, stop unfair practices and regulate other labor issues.

Unfair Labor Standards and Practices

The NLRA prohibits retaliatory practices against employees in favor of union organization or collective bargaining. Discrimination based on union status is also prohibited, and employers cannot retaliate against workers filing complaints with the National Labor Relations Board. The Board offers multiple dispute resolution methods to enforce union and collective bargaining agreements.

Employee Reporting Under NLRA

Under the NLRA, employees can act against employers and unions engaging in the unfair behavior. To report such practices, workers must file a claim with the NLRB for an investigation of reported issues. In some cases, a settlement may occur, and in others, the employee may have to appeal the NLRB’s decision. Most workers cannot handle the entire case alone, but a local attorney can provide valuable legal advice.

How Labor Lawyers Help Workers and Employers

A labor lawyer can be an invaluable asset to employers and workers alike. Because employment and labor law issues often overlap, a lawyer with a focus on employment and labor law can help workers sue for wrongful termination, discrimination and safety violations.

For an employer, a labor attorney can be equally important. Labor lawyers can help companies negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with a union, and they can help business owners create employee handbooks that make it easier to remain in compliance with the law. Click here for more details about the labour employment law in Northampton MA.

Labour Employment Law Northampton MA is complex, and the rules vary by jurisdiction. Labor law attorneys can offer help in the courtroom, and they can help workers and employers negotiate fair agreements. By hiring an attorney with, a worker or company can protect their rights and find possible legal remedies.


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