The Advantages of Working with an Online Living Will Lawyer in Rockland County NY

Preparing a last will and testament is a wise move, but it pays to also think about what could happen before death takes place. What would happen if an illness or accident made it impossible for the individual to convey wishes about medical treatment? One way to ensure there is no confusion about what to do is to prepare what is known as a living will. By working with an Online Living Will Lawyer Rockland County NY, it is possible to make sure the document addresses all the essentials.

Deciding What to Include

The core of a living will is to provide instructions about medical care when the patient is unable to authorize procedures of any kind. As the Online Living Will Lawyer Rockland County NY will explain, it is possible to be very specific with those instructions. For example, the individual may choose to specify that all life support should be removed if the potential for recovery slips under a certain percentage. At other times, if the prognosis is that the patient could remain in a coma for months with the aid of life support, the terms of the document could authorize the attending physician to remove the support and allow nature to take its course.

Creating the Document

Since everything is handled in an online environment, it is possible to write out the wishes for whatever needs to be included and have the lawyer review them carefully. Those wishes are included in the provisions, using language that is in line with current legal standards. The goal is to create a document that is in full compliance with the existing laws and that cannot be challenged by others. While the process may take sending a few drafts back and forth, it will not take long to come up with a document that is precise and will hold up in any court.

For anyone who would like to explore the idea of a living will in more detail, contact Mark Aberasturi today and arrange for a consultation. With a little planning, it will not take long to come up with the right provisions and ensure that the wishes of the client are observed.

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