The Advantages Of Dodge Bearings For Texas Industries

When it comes to industrial parts and components, choosing a manufacturer with a stellar reputation for quality and durability is always an important factor. This not only provides Texas industries with the quality of products they need but it also builds in a dependability and reliability component that is critical throughout the life cycle of the part.

For those businesses requiring bearings for power transmissions and systems, Dodge bearings certainly have this type of a reputation. In business for over 120 years manufacturing all types of industrial components, Baldor-Dodge is a world leader in couplings, conveyor components, mechanic drive components and specifically in bearings.

Selecting the Correct Bearing Type

The company produces several different lines of Dodge bearings. This includes the mounted ball bearings, mounted spherical roller bearings, mounted tapered roller and plain bearings.

Of course, each type of Dodge bearings will have specific applications and uses. Choosing the correct bearing for the job will be essential in the performance of the bearing as well as the life cycle of the part. When these components are not standing up to the job, it is very likely that either the wrong size or the incorrect type of bearing is used.

For example, rolling Dodge bearings with its outer and inner ring or race is often the best choice when there is a need to reduce any rotational friction. With the ability to support both axial and radial loads there are often used when speed will be a factor of operation. Choosing another type of bearing may result in poor performance and shorter life cycles, ultimately increasing the cost of maintaining the equipment and an increase in downtime, which also ends up costing money.


Baldor-Dodge is also known for producing bearings to very tight tolerances and with very low maintenance requirements, for Texas industries. This means less downtime to clean, inspect and repack bearings on industrial equipment.

With a range of different seals these Dodge bearings can prevent dust, debris and dirt from getting into the bearing. They have also designed a special purging system that allows your maintenance team to remove the old grease and re-pack without any risk of damaging or blowing the seals.

The years of experience in different industries from pulp and paper production to conveyor systems, mining operations and processing and packaging industries have allowed Baldor-Dodge to create a quality line of products. Taking the time to get the right bearing for the job will provide years of trouble-free operation even under extreme Texas working conditions.


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