Steps Followed By Termites Exterminators In Boynton Beach, FL

In Florida, termites present a serious risk to residential property owners. While the insects won’t harm the homeowners, they will create serious damage to the property itself. The insects invade the home quickly and often go undetected until severe damage happens. Termites Exterminators in Boynton Beach Florida provide a clear plan for eliminating and controlling termite infestations.

Complete Inspections for Termites

The pest control service conducts a complete inspection of the property and determines all areas that were damaged. Termites create extensive damage underneath the property. The damage is found in crawlspaces, near and/or around the foundation, and inside the walls. The service provider creates a report for the damage. The report is used when reporting the damage to the homeowner’s insurer.

Cutting Off Food Sources

The next step is to cut off all food sources for the termites. The insects create colonies that lead out from under the property to obtain food and water. The exterminator sets up barriers around the colonies to stop the termites from getting food or water. Sand barriers are placed at the ends of the colonies for these purposes.

Distributing the Right Insecticide

Termites Exterminators in Boynton Beach Florida use insecticide to kill off existing termites. The chemicals are distributed in all areas in which the insects are found. It is effective in killing all existing termites found on the property. The right chemicals kill off the termites immediately and prevent further property damage.

Ongoing Treatment for Termites

Ongoing treatment is necessary for controlling termites and preventing new infestations. The extermination team visits the property once a month and distributes the chemicals. The ongoing services provide a higher level of protection for the property owner and stop the insects from reaching living spaces in the home.

In Florida, termites invade residential properties quickly and without warning. The insects create colonies to access food sources and water. The right strategy for exterminating the insects is to cut off access to food supplies and distribute the right chemicals fast. Extermination teams act quickly to kill off the insects and prevent new infestations. Property owners who need to hire Termites Exterminators contact Above & Beyond Pest Control in Boynton Beach Florida for more information now.


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