Reward Your Pet With Chicken Dog Treats

There are few flavors that dogs love more than chicken. This is true for weaned puppies through to senior dogs, with chicken a universal treat that brings dogs running.

Many of the products on the market, particularly when it comes to dog treats, do not actually contain real chicken. Instead, they have ingredients such as chicken by-products or chicken meal. These are not as nutritious as real chicken, and the term “chicken flavoring“ offers no nutritional value at all.

There are some top chicken dog treats available in local pet food stores, farm and ranch stores and even in grocery stores throughout the country. These brands and dog treats and chews are also available through online retailers, including the large online ecommerce sites that offer everything you need to buy.

Chicken and Real Ingredients

By combining real chicken with other healthy foods, chicken dog treats are not just great tasting; they are actually good for your pet. The best of these types of dog chew treats will also include baked pork skin, which forms the foundation of the product and gives it the crunch.

Baked pork skin combined with real chicken, peanut butter and milk in the dog chews and treats completely eliminates the need for rawhide in these products. With 99.9% digestibility and the natural ingredients your dog loves, it is no wonder smart dog owners have long ago made the choice to eliminate rawhide from their treat selection.

Find the Right Product

There are many different options for chicken dog treats from the top manufacturers. They come in sizes for puppies and toy dogs through different weight groups to the large breeds. This makes buying the correct size for your dog easy, but you also have the option to size up for aggressive chewers.

Different flavors are also available, and by trying different shapes, sizes and flavors it is not hard to find the perfect combination for your pet.


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