Reporting Changes in Your Disability Status to the SSA

It is very important to report changes in your disability status to the SSA as soon as possible, If you don’t, you may be required to repay overpayments. It’ll be much easier to take care of it ahead of time instead, and this will show you the proper way to do so.

How to Report Changes:

-Online by visiting the “My Social Security” section through

-By telephone at 1-800-772-1213

– By mail to your local Social Security office shown on your claim receipt.

– In Person at your local Social Security office shown on your claim receipt.

What Changes Need to be Reported:

– Changes in mailing address for checks or residence. Make sure to file a change of address notice with your post office as well to avoid any delays in receiving your checks.

– Changes in your citizenship or immigration status.

– If a beneficiary dies or is unable to handle benefits.

– You travel outside the U.S. for at least 30 days or longer.

– If there is a custody change and the person you are filing for in your care dies, leaves care or changes address.

– If you are put in prison, penal institution or correctional facility for more than 30 days due to conviction or in connection with a crime.

– If you become entitled to or suspended from a pension, annuity or lump sum payment based on your employment not covered by Social Security.

– If your stepchild is entitled to benefits and you and the child’s parent divorce.

– If you have a warrant out for your for more than 30 days for violating probation or parole.

– If you have a warrant out for you for more than 30 days for your arrest for a crime or attempted crime that is a felony or flight to avoid prosecution/confinement, escape from custody and flight-escape.

– Change of marital status.

– If you return to work.

– If your condition improves.

– If you’re under age 65 and apply for/begin to receive workers’ compensation/other public disability benefit or the amount of workers’ compensation changes or stops.

– If you become the parent of a child, after you filed your claim.

By making sure to notify the SSA immediately, you will avoid problems in the future. Here in North Carolina, The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC is a great resource. If you have any issues with your claim, please visit our website here.

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