Replace the Old Cladding on Your Home With Vinyl Siding in Connecticut

As your home ages, its siding becomes one of its most visible aspects. Worn siding can easily make the home look decades older than it actually is and can lead to unexpected rot in the structure of the building. Of course, the most obvious reason for exterior cladding is to improve the appearance of the property, but few people know which is the best option for their home. One common choice is Vinyl Siding in Connecticut. This is due primarily to the insulating quality of vinyl. A well-installed vinyl product can provide an effective vapor barrier for any building that should survive for many decades.

There are a number of advantages to using modern Vinyl Siding in Connecticut. For instance, today’s vinyl siding is much more durable than older products. This eliminates the problem of cracked siding from a sloppy installation as long as the contractor uses a decent quality product. Modern vinyl is also better at retaining its color. This means that the color of your home won’t fade away from excessive sunshine and you don’t have to worry about color loss from too much cleaning. Plus, cleaning the product is much easier because all you need is a mild detergent and water. You should find this task much easier than the weekend job of painting which other types of cladding require. Click here to learn more about vinyl requirements.

Unlike most types of siding, vinyl isn’t secured directly to the building. The majority of vinyl siding products need to float on the structure to allow for expansion and shifting. The expansion comes from temperature changes and could result in warped cladding. Problems like this could leave you with siding that doesn’t hang properly or won’t stay attached to the building. Shifting of the siding is often caused by faulty installation of the hanging system. This means that the siding doesn’t have the support it requires for surviving nature’s elements such as harsh winds. One loose panel could allow air pressure to fill the space between the building and cladding causing the vinyl to pull away from the home. To avoid problems such as these make sure that you hire an expert. To discover more visit


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