Q & A About Commercial Waste Disposal Services

In Texas, local businesses set up waste management services to prevent unwanted conditions that increase liabilities. These liabilities include slip and fall hazards as well as the accumulation of waste that leads to environmental risks. The following are Q & A About Commercial Waste Disposal Service.

How Often Can Commercial Client Acquire Waste Pickup Services?

The waste management services are available twice a week for commercial clients. Since the commercial clients are more likely to accumulate a higher volume of waste, these additional pickups are vital for keeping the workspace clean. If they want the additional pickup, they must schedule these pickups with their service provider.

Does the Waste Management Service Offer Special Pickup Services?

Yes, if the company is working on any special projects, the waste management provider accommodates them with a special pickup service. They also remove larger items such as furniture and appliances. The service provider disposes of the items as directed by federal regulations.

Can They Provide Additional Receptacles for Recycling?

Yes, waste management companies offer receptacles for recycling practices. They position these receptacles nearby the dumpster to allow the company to separate these items from garbage. These options allow them to send these items to the appropriate agencies to process renewable resources.

How are Hazardous Materials Managed?

Hazardous materials are managed according to EPA regulations. The waste management company must possess the required license to manage these waste products. They must follow all regulations for transporting and disposing of these items.

Can the Company Acquire More than One Dumpster?

Yes, if the property is large-scale, the property owner can acquire more than one dumpster for permanent placement at the location. The service provider offers a price list for these additional requirements. A deposit is required for these additional services.

Are There Any Restrictions for Using the Dumpsters?

Yes, the business owner cannot place any combustibles in the dumpster. All flammable or petroleum-based products must be placed in a separate receptacle managed by the service provider.

In Texas, businesses manage their garbage removal requirements by using local waste management services. These services include the removal of hazardous items as well as large-scale items. Companies that need Commercial Waste Disposal Service can visit Tigersanitation.com or Google+ today.


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