Options for Air Conditioning in Norman

If a homeowner is considering installing an HVAC unit in an older home, their options are more diverse than wall or window units, or portable units that only cool one room at a time. One viable choice is to use a high-velocity system that uses insulated tubing to deliver cool air, or a ductless AC system that connects to an outdoor compressor via a slim line. Customers can visit the website for more information on both of these options, and some considerations to be made when retrofitting an older home with an air conditioning system.

High-Velocity HVAC

A high-velocity air conditioning system uses strong bursts of air to circulate cooled air throughout hot rooms. By choosing a system with a higher aspiration ratio, homeowners can enjoy greater cooling and higher utility savings. The tubing that carries cooled air throughout the home fits into the smallest spaces such as those under floors and in between joists, meaning that the homeowner won’t have to tear out walls and floors. A high-velocity AC unit needs a single return vent, minimizing the amount of modification required. These are a good option for those who want to preserve the look of an older home while minimizing installation costs.

Ductless AC Systems

A mini split or ductless air conditioning system is composed of evaporator coils and blower fans in boxes. These coils connect to an outdoor condenser via a thin conduit. Ductless air conditioning systems provide installers with various mounting options, such as:

* Ceiling mounting

* Mounting flush in drop ceilings

* Hanging on the wall

There’s no venting necessary for ductless Air Conditioning in Norman. Because each unit has a thermostat, a mini split system is ideal for houses where some rooms go unoccupied. These systems are adaptable, and installers can add more evaporator coil units as they’re needed by the homeowner.

Electrical Considerations

Installing an AC unit in an older home requires more than choosing the appropriate unit. Many older homes are equipped with 110 volt/60 amp electrical systems, but central AC units require 230 current with up to 50 amps of power. Before having Air Conditioning in Norman installed in an older home, call an electrician to determine if the home meets the requirements for AC system installation.

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