Need a Bright Smile for Wedding Photographs? Make a Teeth Whitening in Gibbsboro Appointment

A person’s teeth may yellow so gradually that they aren’t aware of the change. Their teeth and gums are healthy and they don’t give their tooth color a second thought. Then, one day they’re helping their daughter plan her wedding and she hints everyone has to get ready for the wedding photos. She breezily announces she’s made Teeth Whitening in Gibbsboro appointments for everyone. Trying not to be miffed, they agree to the appointment to keep family peace.

A Cosmetic Dentist uses a powerful bleaching gel to whiten teeth. In order for it to reach all areas of the tooth enamel equally, the dentist begins by cleaning the teeth. When the plaque and debris is removed, it allows the gel to coat the tooth more evenly. Because the bleaching gel can irritate gums and mouth tissue, the dentist inserts a comfortable guard into the patient’s mouth. After this preparation, he carefully paints the bleaching gel on to every tooth. Both the upper and lower teeth can be treated during the same teeth whitening visit. A powerful but safe laser light activates the gel and helps it penetrate deeper into the tooth.

After 15 minutes, the dentist removes the gel and inspects the improvement. Generally a single appointment can whiten teeth up to nine shades. If there is room for more improvement, the dentist repeats the process. This cycle can be repeated three or four times. Many people are afraid that this process will be painful if they have sensitive teeth. The dentist may have a patient with sensitive teeth use a special toothpaste for a few days to decrease sensitivity. If the tooth enamel is very porous, the dentist may opt to use a weaker bleaching gel.

Once the process is complete, the patient will be amazed at the dramatic change. Even people who take good care of their teeth may drink coffee or enjoy blueberry pie. Over the years, these can stain teeth. The results of a Teeth Whitening in Gibbsboro procedure can be maintained for several years, if the patient follows the dentist’s maintenance instructions. These usually include at-home whitening trays. The frequency of their use depends upon the patient’s personal eating habits, or if they smoke.

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