Mom and Dad Traveling Alone? 3 Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

For mom and dad, hitting their golden years is going to mean more time for traveling around. But travel can be stressful for everyone. Long flights, uncomfortable seats and the general chaos people experience in airports can make it even more stressful for your parents. Here are a few invaluable travel tips you’ll want to follow before you book them on their next flight:

Plan ahead

Used to jumping on a plane on a week’s notice and jetting off to somewhere? That’s not going to cut it with your parents. If you want to make sure you cover everything, you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead. Don’t rush through the preparations since these can make a difference in their safety and comfort, says Aging Care.

Consider their comfort

If your parents aren’t in the best shape or have medical conditions to watch out for, it might be a prudent move to hire an airline medical escort to go with them on those flights, just in case. That way, you have someone to monitor their health and keep an eye on them so they won’t strain themselves trying to reach for a bag or find their medication.

Manage their medication

If your parents are becoming forgetful and you worry that they might miss their medication while on the plane, then engaging the services of an airline medical escort is one way to make sure they won’t. By hiring an escort with medical training, you can rest easy knowing they have someone on board who will manage their medication for them, especially if they’re on a long flight home. That’s going to make the thought of them traveling home alone a whole lot easier. Once they get to the airport, you’ll be right there to pick them up and they’ll be back, safe and secure in your care.


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