Misconceptions About Marble Countertops In St. Paul

It is amazing to think that some of the oldest structures in Europe feature marble flooring, counters and even fixtures but that this material is somehow seen as delicate and difficult to care for.

The reality is that marble countertops are not fragile or challenging to have in a home. Marble has been and will continue to be the sign of quality and high-end materials in any St. Paul home and in any room in a home.

Unfortunately, marble has developed a reputation as a high-maintenance type of material, particularly for the kitchen. To help to understand the reality behind these rumors and myths, it is important to take a closer look at the reality of using marble for the kitchen countertops.

Too Expensive

It is true that there are lots of cheaper options than marble countertops. However, those options are not going to last a lifetime and maintain their natural beauty. They are also not going to potentially increase the appeal of a home if you should sell.

Good quality marble is reasonably priced when you compare the durability and longevity of the material. Different types of marble, particularly the rare colors are going to be more expensive, but there are many different patterns that are easily affordable on most new construction or renovation budgets.

Too High Maintenance

Having your marble countertops professionally sealed when they are installed is the simple solution to the high maintenance issue. As all natural stone is porous, it will absorb liquid on the surface which will cause staining and even bacterial contamination in the stone. By applying a sealant, these issues cease to be a problem. Sealing can be done once a year or as needed based on how often you use your kitchen.

Marble Isn’t Practical

It will be important not to leave spills of water or acidic liquids on the counter or the area will become etched and dull. However, this can be prevented with proper sealing and simply wiping up spills as they occur.

Some people also point to the issue that marble can’t stand up to high heats. There are very few countertops including tile, laminate, granite or even wood where it is recommended to take hot pots off the stove and place them directly on the surface. Just using a trivet or a hot pad can prevent any damage to marble as with all other surfaces.

Don’t let myths and false information about marble prevent you from considering this counter material. Take the time to compare countertops and you will find this is a durable option for any St. Paul kitchen.


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