Medical Weight Loss: Do You Need It?

Too many sweets and not enough exercise—those are two of the most common reasons for why you aren’t losing weight. But if you’ve already cut back on the sweets and carbs, why aren’t you slimmer or thinner? If you duck into the gym for an hour or two and still aren’t in the best shape of your life, what could be the problem?

The wrong fitness program

There’s no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to your health. Fitness programs that work great for others might not be right for you. If you persist on blindly following that exercise routine, you can be doing more harm than good to your health.

You have a medical condition

You may have an underlying medical condition that could be keeping your body from getting slimmer. Depending on what the condition is, you may even be exacerbating the condition by going to the gym. Know what you’re dealing with. Pay a visit to a medical weight loss doctor to determine what’s wrong.

You keep gaining weight

There are plenty of factors that can contribute to your weight gain as well. If you suffer from chronic stress, hypothyroidism, depression, syndrome X and more, then your condition is the reason why you’re still a few pounds over your ideal weight, the WebMD clarifies. The best way to stop the weight gain, then, is to consult with a medical weight loss doctor to ask about your options.

You need help

A good doctor won’t just prescribe you with medication. She or he will help you determine the cause of your weight gain. For instance, if you stress eat, then your doctor will help you learn better ways to cope with stressful situations so you won’t have to resort to stress-eating. This can put an end to your weight gain problems.


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