Medical Marijuana Edibles

Medical marijuana can be consumed in a few ways. Smoking, oils and edibles are just a few of the more popular ways to consume the leaf. Out of the three, edibles are a growing trend that provides nutrition and benefits in a tasty treat. Medical cannabis in Glenview is gaining popularity in the edible category as are other areas of the country.

Medical marijuana edibles have come a long way from it’s simple homemade days. Medical marijuana infused cakes, cookies, and candies are now becoming standard fare among others. Below are some additional information regarding edibles that can be consumed at a dispensary near you.


The potency of a medical marijuana edible is very important to know before you ingest it. Many edibles are made to provide for multiple servings. Consult with your dispensary associate to get the information you need to make an informed purchase. The dosing heavily depends on the type of medical cannabis used. The higher the quality, the stronger the potency.

While there is no set formula to know how much your body should take, starting out with a small dosage and working your way up would be the best course of action.


Eating a medical marijuana edible has no long- term side effects or negative impact on the body. It is safe in the proper dosage and avoiding any allergens associated with the ingredients. Most states require a commercial license to sell to a dispensary, so there are some governmental checks and balances to the final product.

Edible Examples

Medical marijuana edibles can either be digested, taken through saliva or a mix of both. Those edibles that can be digested included baked goods, powdered pills and other salty and sweet snacks such as popcorn or candy bars.

Edibles that are absorbed by mouth and with saliva include hard candies, lozenges and gum.

The mixed category of edibles includes different drinks and smoothies that are infused with oils and the plant itself.

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