Maximizing Truck Tire Tread Life

When it comes to maximizing tire tread life on semi’s focus is on the contact patch, that area where the “rubber hits the road” so to speak. Asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces are abrasive by design, if the surface was anything but it would be difficult to develop friction between the truck tire and the road surface, it is friction that equates to traction. Excessive friction or uneven tire wear can lessen the anticipated life of tires, with truck repair in Bridgeview you can keep the tires on your truck perfectly aligned and running true.

From the beginning:

One way to prevent premature tire wear is to ensure the tires are properly mounted and installed. Radial run out occurs when the tire is not mounted properly, the result is an “egg shape” rotation pattern. The only way to ensure the tire is seated properly is to ensure that the distance between the flange of the rim and the aligning ring on the tire is uniform around the entire tire circumference.

Those that perform the truck repair in Bridgeview are well aware that premature tire wear and unwanted vibration can be traced back to this installation problem.

Another problem that can be traced back to the installation of the tire is side to side movement of the assembly. The result of this particular installation problem is a pronounced shake or shimmy when traveling at speed.

A major problem is mismatching the dual wheels on the semi; there does not have to be much difference in tire pressure, tire height or diameter for problems to occur. It is amazing but as little as 5 PSI difference in tire pressure on identical tires can result in a tire height difference, every rotation causes the smaller of the two tires to scuff ahead to keep pace with the larger tire which in turn causes rapid wear.

Many tire problems can be traced back to mechanical problems, the best way to maximize the life of the tires is to visit a shop that does the truck repair in Bridgeview and check the alignment every 12 months.

If you are responsible for semi trucks, you will want to know where to get truck repair in Bridgeview.

Wilrae, Inc offers suspension, brake and alignment services.


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