Many Types Of Web Hosting Means Comparison Shopping Is A Must

If you own a business or just want to create your website, you may not realize there are so many web hosting options out there. It won’t do just to choose the first one you come across because you need to choose carefully, so you get what you need. Comparison shopping is the best way to find a host that can help, but you’ll have to do a lot of research. While there are websites out there that offer all the research tools in one spot, you’ll still need to go through and find the one that fits your needs.

Free Service

Free services are offered by many companies but provide limited services that are supported by advertisements. This can work well if you want a personal website, but if you want a business one, you may not want all the extra advertisements or may need something more.

Shared Services

Shared services can work for some. Your website is placed on a server with other sites, which can range from a handful to hundreds of sites. All the domains will likely share resources, such as CPU and RAM. In most cases, the features are more basic and aren’t flexible with updates and software.


Reseller options allow you to become a host yourself. They can fall under any of the types of companies out there and can vary considerably in size. They typically provide their tech support and can have identical services to other similar providers.

Virtual Private Server

VPS options can divide resources into virtual servers, so that resources can be allocated in various ways, even with varying hardware. You may be required to maintain or patch the server, which is called unmanaged, or they may provide the support you need (managed.)


With a dedicated web hosting service, you get a web server and will have total control. This means you’ll also have root access though you will not own the server itself. You are typically responsible for maintenance and security of your server.


Managed services will allow you a server, but you won’t get full control. You will be able to manage your data and use other management tools. This is done so that the provider guarantees the quality of your service since you cannot go in and create potential problems with configuration.

Web hosting comparison ensures you get the service and host you need to run your business or keep up your personal website.


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