Managing Personal Problems with Professional Counselling

Although most people dislike talking about emotional difficulties, they can affect anyone at any time. Dealing with them alone is never easy, yet they remain taboo in circles of both families and friends.

Although finding the right assistance means emotional issues can be overcome more effectively, reaching out to professionals is not an easy step to take for many.

The belief that seeking help for emotional issues is a sign of weakness or an acceptance of a bigger problem than one would like to admit to is unfortunately still prevalent, but professional counselling should not be stigmatized in this way.

Emotional issues are every bit as normal as physical health problems, and professional psychotherapists are here to help people overcome their challenges.

By knowing what types of problems are commonly dealt with, the different types of therapy available and how to find the right counsellor for you, the myths and stigma attached to counselling and psychotherapy can be put to bed.

What personal problems can be treated?

Although psychotherapy can help with almost any emotional issue you may experience, there are certain types that are continually dealt with by practicing counsellors. Because these types of emotional issues can be caused by events common to all our lives, they can affect any one of us at any time.

Emotional difficulties that experienced psychotherapists will be very familiar with treating include depression, bipolar and anxiety issues, marriage counselling and intimacy problems, and dealing with infertility.

Those undergoing cancer treatment or grieving also seek help, as do those suffering from workplace stress, self-esteem issues, or eating disorders. Victims of physical or sexual abuse can also benefit from psychotherapy while families may use counselling to overcome any parenting challenges, child behavioral difficulties, or adolescent psychological and educational issues.

Knowing that your psychotherapist will have previously helped other individuals to work through the same issues you are experiencing means you can feel confident in their ability to help you through yours.

What types of therapy are available?

Although psychotherapy is used as a general term, there are several types of therapy that may be recommended to the client depending on their personality and issues.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps the client to manage their issues by altering the way they think and behave. Mindfulness Therapy takes this a step further by adding mindful and meditative elements to the process.

Systemic Psychotherapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Interpersonal Therapy are used to improve how individuals deal with the dynamics of groups and relationships while Emotionally Focused Therapy can help to advance feelings of compassion and connection for those undergoing couples therapy.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy works to uncover the unconscious content of the client’s psyche to alleviate tensions, and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy can ease the client’s issues by helping them to accept who they are.

For those recovering from psychological trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization Response therapy is common while Exposure and Response Prevention therapy can help sufferers of OCD.

Finding your psychotherapist

When looking for a psychotherapist to help with any emotional issues of your own, asking friends and family for personal recommendations is a good place to start.
As a base requirement, any counsellor you decide to work with should be registered with the College of Psychologists and experienced.

Aside from their credentials, you should also consider their compatibility with your own personality and needs. Consider such factors as age and gender of your ideal psychologist, and whether they offer the most suitable type of therapy for your issue.
Identifying and making first contact with a professional and experienced psychotherapist is the first step on the road to an improved mental and emotional state for the long term.

Dr. Linda Johnston and her team are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario and highly experienced in providing psychotherapy and counselling services. Visit them online to schedule an appointment at website.


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