Make Sure You Understand Your Visitation Rights in Smithtown

Visitation Rights in Smithtown can be incredibly complicated in some cases. While everything should be written into the legal custody documents, there are some situations that might come up that aren’t covered. This is especially true if the co-parents created the custody document on their own and there may be things they didn’t think of. When there is any question as to what to do in a certain situation, the person should speak with their lawyer.

A person who has questions about their visitation rights before there’s an official custody document should always contact a lawyer for help. It may be that they have more rights than they believed or they might not have as much without a legal document outlining their rights. They might not have any if they aren’t a biological parent but might want to contact a lawyer to find out if a document can be created to give them visitation with step-children they have taken care of for many years. The lawyer will be able to discuss their rights with them and help them start working on creating a legal visitation arrangement with the ex-spouse.

If there is already a custody document in place but a situation comes up where they need to switch dates, but the other parent is unwilling to do so, they might want to speak with a lawyer to find out what they can do. If there are any changes in the amount of time they want for their visitation or in the specific dates and times for the visitation, they should speak with the lawyer about creating an amendment to the current schedule. This way, they can get advice on what is feasible and what is not likely to occur based on their current situation.

Visitation Rights in Smithtown can be complicated, so it’s always a good idea for the person to speak with a lawyer if they have any questions or concerns. Whether or not there’s already a visitation schedule in place, the lawyer can help them understand more about their own rights and what is possible for them to do if they need to create a schedule or change it. For more information, contact Todd J. Zimmer & Associates today.


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