Locating a Personal Injury Lawyer in Quincy MA

Personal injuries occur when an innocent party is harmed as a result of another person or company’s neglect. When a person suffers physical injury during an accident, he or she may be able to get compensation for their injuries in a court case. A judge and or jury will hear the case and make the decision of whether or not the accused party is, in fact, guilty of negligence. It is up to the Lawyer in Quincy MA to prove that his or her client’s injuries were a direct result of another person not taking the proper procedures to ensure the safety of the general public.

The Law Offices of Graham N. Wright Quincy MA has years of experience in trying these types of cases and works to get his client’s money for their injuries.

Types of personal injuries can vary greatly. If a person is in an auto accident, and it is the other drivers fault, he or she may have a personal injury case if they are harmed. The other driver was being negligent causing the injury and, therefore, may have to pay for the victim’s injuries. Another example of personal inquiry is a dog bite. When a dog owner’s canine either gets loose and bites someone or bites a guest on their own property, the injured party could be compensated for the harm that the dog caused. Being a dog owner, it is up to that person to keep their animal under control at all times. Other personal injury cases that are commonly heard include slip and falls and wrongful death suits.

When taking a case like this to court, the Lawyer in Quincy MA may ask the judge for money for his or client for everything including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Many times on personal properties or in vehicles, there is an insurance company that is responsible for taking care of some or all money that is owed when the decision is made. The defendant in the case will also get a Lawyer in Quincy MA to assist them in either proving their innocence or helping in reducing the amount of money that they may owe as a result of the accident. Browse website for more information.

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