Knowing When to Call Professional Roofers in Gig Harbor

A residential roof is generally designed to last for decades, but that does not mean it will not need some help along the way. Many situations demand attention from one of the Roofers in Gig Harbor. Here are some reasons to put in a call to the roofer without delay.

Mold in the Attic

While in the attic to retrieve something out of storage, the homeowner notices that the space has an unusually strong odor. A closer look at the rafters indicates that mold is in full force. Since mold in the attic often means a leak in the roof, calling one of the Roofers in Gig Harbor is the only thing to do. In the best case scenario, the roof will need nothing more than replacing a section of flashing that has worked loose.

Watermarks on the Ceiling

If the homeowner happens to stare up at the living room ceiling and see watermarks, rest assured something is wrong with the roof. The best approach is to call a roofer and have the shingles and other components checked immediately. The problem could be a few shingles that were damaged in a recent storm. If so, replacing those shingles will solve the problem and the homeowner can focus on dealing with the cosmetic damage.

Broken Shingles in the Yard

There is no need to guess that something is wrong with the roof because there are fragments of shingles all over the front yard. The windstorm last night did quite a bit of damage. Before the weather gets nasty again, it pays to call a roofer and find out how bad things happen to be. Once the situation is evaluated, it will be easy to schedule a date for the repairs to commence.

For any homeowner who believes something is not quite right with the roof, there is no need to speculate. Pick up the phone and call a local roofer today. Once the roof is inspected, the professional will sit down with the owner and discuss what must be done to extend the life of the roofing. With a little planning, the repairs will be completed and the roof will last for many more years.


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