Is it Time to Upgrade to a Medium Duty Truck?

If your business is expanding, you may need to increase your cargo capacity. A one-ton pickup with a flatbed worked well last month, but now you need to make more trips, and it’s not only hard on the truck, but you’ll also spend more money on fuel. This could be a time to check out medium duty truck sales in Texas, and here is information to help.

What Does Medium-Duty Mean?

Light-duty trucks are in classes 1 through 3, and this includes pickup trucks and vehicles that can haul a gross weight of 14, 000 pounds (7 tons). Medium-duty vehicles can haul as much as 26, 000 pounds and heavy-duty trucks can carry loads as heavy as 40 tons (total weight including vehicle and semi-trailer).

Why Upgrade?

A heavier truck can haul larger and heavier loads. This can save you a lot of time and money on fuel. Instead of sending your truck out to make one delivery, it can deliver to several customers on a specific route. This gives you a more efficient operation, and your customers get their materials faster.


When you look into medium-duty truck sales in Texas, you’ll find several types of trucks. If you want a flatbed, you can choose from a standard flatbed, side rails, and drop trailer. Also, you have both gasoline and diesel engine options. For inner city driving and short deliveries, gasoline engines are best. If you put a lot of miles on your truck, diesel is more economical.

Is your driver experienced with hauling heavy loads? If not, you may want to check out automatic transmissions when you look into medium-duty truck sales in Texas. This makes the truck easier to drive, and you won’t need to worry about clutch problems in the future. Ask your truck dealer for professional advice before you buy.

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