Is Every Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mattoon, IL the Same?

Criminal defense lawyers all work on criminal cases, so it’s easy to lump all of them in the same category and feel like it doesn’t matter which lawyer is hired. In fact, it does matter which criminal defense lawyer in Mattoon, IL a person chooses, as they are all different and may have different ideas on how to handle the defense of their clients. A person should take the time to think about what they want from their case and what they expect from the lawyer before choosing the lawyer to hire.

Checking Every Detail

Some lawyers are known for checking every single detail in a case to see if there’s a way for the charges to be dismissed or reduced. Other lawyers might simply check the overview of the case and then start thinking about defenses if the person wants to plead guilty or ways to reduce the potential sentence the person will receive once they are convicted. Either of these can be beneficial, depending on the facts of the case and how much time and money the person might want to put into fighting the charges.

Pleading the Case

The lawyer will often help a person decide how to plead. Some might expect the person to plead guilty and work for a lighter sentence even if it’s not in their interests. Another lawyer might encourage a person to plead not guilty and take them through a long trial even if it’s apparent the person is guilty and there is sufficient evidence for a conviction. A person will want to make sure they know how they want to plead and they find a lawyer who will work with them, not try to encourage them to choose a faster or more expensive option than is necessary for the case.

These are just two of the ways a criminal defense attorney might differ from another. It’s important for a person to have at least a few consultations to learn more about their own case and to determine which criminal defense lawyer in Mattoon, IL is going to be able to help them the most. For more information or to schedule a consultation today, contact Britton Law Offices, LLC.

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